Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All over the map Tuesday!

Okay, friends forgive me but this post is going to be all over the place!
First off: Did you guys watch One Tree Hill tonight?
SERIOUSLY? What was up with the 1920's stuff. I wasn't really into it..

Saturday, I was crunching on some ice from my sugar free vanilla iced coffee when I bit the inside of my mouth on the left side and since then I have bit the same exact spot 12 times. Let me tell you it is tender.. but why does this always happen? Why do you continually bite the same spot over and over...ugh. It never fails. Does this happen to you guys too?


I had a little boy fill his boots, pants, and pockets full of stuff from my desk at school today. I don't know how he thought he was going to get out of my room with all that stuff. He looked more like Santa than a preschooler. A bulging belly from all the stuff he was trying to hide away..
At first, I really wanted to laugh because of the way he had his whole waist band perfectly lined with stuff.... but then I got aggravated. What in the world am I going to do? Ugh.


Overheard in my classroom:

A little boy in my class was running toward a little girl and his hands were covered in dirt.
She was wagging one finger in the air at him and pointing at herself with the other when she said, "Don't You Dare, This is Gymboree"

lol- It was way to funny. My aid and I totally cracked up. 4 years old and the girl new her labels.

This week a lot of stuff is coming out that I am looking forward too..
Of course Twilight The Movie : ) comes out of Friday!!

Today is the release of Blake Shelton's newest album!
I cannot wait to get it. I am seriously debating on going to Wal-Mart right now..
It is 12:35 am

I was at Wal-Mart the other day and I picked up this book. I have only read the first few pages but I have a feeling... I better get my Kleenexes ready. I mostly wanted to read it because I want to see the movie.. and I usually always try to read the books before I see the movie.. If they are being released to the big screen..

I think the movie looks super cute. I love Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, and Eric Dane. Oh yeah, and super cute golden retrievers.

Speaking of Eric Dane.

Doesn't he resemble my boyfriend, (you know Blake Shelton) a little bit?

I might not have picked the best pictures but once I seen this picture of Blake in a cowboy hat I couldn't keep looking..lol.

But don't you think they have some similarities? Or is it just me?


I told you this post was all over the place..
So you can't say you were not warned..lol.

Happy Tuesday Folks : )


Julie said...

Becky, I am totally into doing something fun with your kiddos and mine. How cool would that be! Let's email and talk about it. I just did a "cultural swap" with a family in South Africa and a native American family in Utah... so we are learning a lot over here.. I could reassemble the package and send it to you..., I just need to go buy a couple of things...and we could also talk about more things! What a fun idea, thanks for thinking about it!!!!

Celine said...

Happy Tuesday Becky! :)

Wendy said...

Hey I love this post Becky! (Although I have NO IDEA who Blake Shelton is!)

Anonymous said...

When I bit my lip I ALWAYS do it over and over again at the same spot - it makes me so darn mad!

I never read Marley and Me but my sister did and yes you will need tissues! I remember sitting at the beach with her while she was reading it and she sat there and cried!

Mrs. S. said...

Marley and Me is an awesome book and you do need to keep the tissues near! I was all over the place with that book, laughing and crying! My husband and I are seriously wanting to go and see that movie and I REALLY want to go on Christmas day.

I love your all over the place post-It's awesome! :)

He And Me + 3 said...

I love Blake Shelton too! Thanks for the reminder!

lmerie said...

Don't you just hate it when you bite the inside of your mouth and then continue to do so the rest of the day?

Hey, this week I followed up my high caloric recipe with a low carb recipe - check it out! :)

lklalli said...

You are crazy...I didnt care for Tree Hill either. Your boyfriends look similar...lol...and hurry up with the book:)

Megryansmom said...

Happy Tuesday!

Amy said...

LOL!:) My husband and my son both are repeat mouth biters. ;)

And I can't wait to see Twilight. I am now stalking my mailman waiting on the delivery of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

And your boyfriend does look a bit like Eric Dane. You have very good taste in boyfriends.;) I'm just saying.

God Bless,

Mrs. Newlywed said...

The little girl in the labels is funny!

I teach second grade Sunday School, and we were doing art one day. I had a little girl come up to me and say "Mrs. Newlywed, this is Lilly. I can't paint in it. I'm not allowed."

I tried so hard not to laugh.

Rebecca Taylor said...

Cute story about the little girl!! I hope your mouth gets better!

Katie@ThisCrazyLife said...

Unfortunately I could so see on my kiddos saying that! Its not that they have a whole binch of name brand stuff, its just that when I do buy them something nice, I don't want them to ruin it the first time they wear it. SO I guess they've learned a little about not getting their clothes dirty!

Lisa said...

I would have been cracking up over the girl saying "Don't you dare, this is Gymboree". Pretty funny that she is so young and like you said already knows her labels.

The White Family said...

We have two things in common just in this one post!! Blake! I love him, I love him and did I mention.. I love him? Marley and Me is the BEST book I have ever read!! I cried like I have never cried reading a book before. The movie is coming out in Dec. Can't wait to go see it. :o)

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

This is Gymboree - hahaha....that is too funny. And I bite the inside of my mouth over and over all the time. Yowza!

Melissa Ellen Tweak said...

OMG! Don't you dare this is gymboree! I almost lost my coffee through my nose! OMGawsh kids!!!

I love the 1920's (Great Gatsby and all) but man One Tree Hill - circa 1920's - not so much!!!

so funny.

Rachel said...

I always enjoying your posts!

I can't wait to see Marley and Me I know it's going to be one of those feel good movies!

And Twilight I gotta read these books and find out what the hype is about!

Lindsey said...

I love "Overheard in the Classroom"!!!

Megan said...

I just had to send that Gymboree story to my mom who is also a Pre-K teacher, she will just love it!
And the 'biting the same place' mouth thing happens to me a lot! I hate it!!!
I always try to read the book before I watch the movie. 99% of the time the book is so much better.

Megryansmom said...

Oops, already been here today. LOL oh well, you can never have enough comment love.

Life with Kaishon said...

Ooooooooooh, I want to see Marley and Me! And, I am dying to see Hotel for Dog's. Doesn't that look so cute? I do kind of hate paying $9 to go the movies, but some times, you just have to send money, right?

Hope you have a wonderful day! Your blog always makes me smile!

Ms. Attitude said...

I love random posts! They are my favorite. The comment from the little girl was so funny! I would love to have seen that. I want to read Marley and Me too. You will have to tell me if it is a good one. Happy Tuesday, Becky! P.S. Once I bite the inside of my mouth, I continue to bite it too!

Megan said...

Where to comment first? :0) I think I will go with I wish you had taken a picture of the little Santa! hahaha.. Did he say why he was trying to take all of that stuff?

Rebecca Jo said...

Love the Gymboree comment - kids - grow up too fast!

And I REFUSE to read the book or see the movie of "Marley & me" - i can tell that's going to be a 2 Kleenex box book/movie!!!

I'm sticking with me some Twilight!!! Robert Pattinson....WHOO-HOO!!!!

Grand Pooba said...

I love it when you share things that were overheard in your classroom. A 4 yr old, seriously? I would die laughing!

And I always bite the side of my cheek over and over. I think it is because once you bite it, it swells up so it's a bigger target and you end up biting it over and over again. Grrrr.

Jo-Jo said...

I always enjoy yur "overheard in my clasroom" They are great! I can't wait until the movie come out!

girlytwins said...

Great post!

I work on One Tree Hill and I thought the same thing. WTHeck!!! It made no sense but whatever it pays the bills :)

I also see the resemblance in Blake & Eric. Yummy!!

Knocking on wood I have had the same cheek biting issue but not in a long time thankfully LOL.

And lastly the little girl in your class with the gymboree will totally be my girls. I always make comments when they are wearing something of value. I just know its going to wear off. :)

Grandma J said...

Is Marly and Me coming out as a movie? That would be nice, and probably a real tear jerker.

How funny about the little girl with her Gymboree!!
And the little thief? As funny as he must have looked, he may be a shoplifter in training.

I found your blog on Life With Kaishon, and I love it.

Becky :) said...

Yea, I watched One Tree Hill and it couldn't keep my attention like most nights. It was okay.
I do the same thing with biting the inside of my mouth and then I can't eat properly.
I LOVE that Blake Shelton's new CD is out. I would so get it if I could. Thinking Christmas list. If I can hold out until then.
Marley & Me is a sad one!!! Definitely!!!!! But I have heard the book is good and the movie looks sweet.
And can I just have both Eric Dane and Blake Shelton???? Promise I will share....but only with you.

La Pixie said...

I love that she knew her label! a kid after my own heart!!

Darlene said...

That is so funny cause once you bite inside your mouth somewhere you absolutely can't stop!! It is so frustrating not to mention IT HURTS!! Oh, and the Gymboree comment....that would have been my daughter saying something like that to a kid!!!....hehehe

The Twilight stuff is crazy. I am 47 and I absolutely LOVE it. I even have the CD (which is FABULOUS) and myself and two friends are going to the midnight showing and already have our tickets....WOOP WOOP!!!!!!

Julie said...

Very funny post!!!

(1) Why in the world was the little boy taking stuff from your desk?? Was he short on his own school supplies?
(2) The girl with gymboree....Boy her mama and daddy may have their hands full when she get older if she is already a fashion queen! How cute.
(3) I hate hate hate biting the inside of my mouth! I've done the same thing and I think I'm going to die each time!!

Have a great week!!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

The Gymboree story had me going. That is hilarious!! Who would have thought you could be fashion-conscious at the age of four?

Faith said...

Oh, I am loving the Gymboree comment. Too funny!!

Elaine said...

Oh no, the look alike, you are right. Both very handsome by the way.

The gymboree cracked me up, what is she going to be like at 13, oh no....

Happy Tuesday.

Kellan said...

I love the story about the theif in your class (tee hee) and the little girl the knows her clothing labels - HA! Too funny!

Take care - Kellan

Smiling Shelly said...

UGH! I DO hate that, when you bite your cheek and then continue to bite it until it finally heals. It’s Murphy’s law…no one ever steps on your toes until you hurt one of them. ;)

LOL! Can't believe one of your kiddo's tried to walk out with your whole desk LOL!! How funny is that??

Happy Tuesday

Sweet Simplicity said...

One Tree Hill was horrible last night! The little girl and her gymboree outfit is cracking me up! I love your kiddo stories.

Mochamama said...

I love the Gymboree story! Kids say the funniest things without even trying. Let me know how the books turns out! I'm always looking for a good read.

Trina said...

Happy Tuesday to you! Hey go to my page and do "Thankful Tuesday" Its fun!!!

Liz said...

don't you just wonder what is going through the little minds when they do something like steal all your stuff...

Sandy Toes said...

So fun! I always bite the side of my mouth and then continue to bite it the rest of the day...OUCh!
-sandy toes

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

I love the little girl wagging her finger story...so funny!

And Marley and Me - the movie and the book - is high on my to do list as well!

"J" said...

Yep...all over is right!!!! lol

I hate when I bite my mouth...UGH!! I'm like you...once I do it - It happens over and over!!!

I agree Eric and your BF look a like...lol!!! =)

Your school kids totally crack me up!!!

I wonder why that little boy was taking all your stuff?!?!? You must stop him and keep him out of jail!!! He is starting early!!! lol

Carrie said...

Kids say the cutest things and they are serious! I want to read that book too!

Straight to Your Hart said...

I love random thoughts and your boyfriend Blake is Hot tehe!! The same thing happens to me when I chomp down on the inside of my lip/mouth..what?? How?? Have a good day!

mrs.cupcake said...

twilight, One Tree Hill, Blake Shelton, and Vanilla Latte's?

I think you are my soul mate.

Love your blog,