Monday, December 8, 2008


Teacher did you know I have itchy bugs in my hair?

Ugh. Sometimes I hate Mondays..

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Paperbag Christmas- Review

A few weeks ago someone.. (I am sorry I can't remember who) was hosting a give away for The Paper bag Christmas by Kevin Alan Milne on their blog. I entered the giveaway because I love to read and there is usually nothing better than a great holiday story.. Well, I didn't win the give away : ( A few weeks later I received an email asking if I would be interested in reading the book.. They would send the book to me and all I would have to do is a review on my blog. First of all, I had a couple read it. I had never had anything like this happen to me.. I wanted to make sure it was legit. I am a dork, I know.. Well I decided to respond and in just a few days I received the book on my door step..

I quickly opened it up and finished the book in one sitting. I absolutely loved it.

Milne’s touching novel reminds readers of caring, friendship and sacrifice. How often do we get carried away by the gifts and hustle of Christmas activities and forget what Christmas is really all about? Read Paper Bag Christmas and rediscover one of the true meanings of Christmas.

I totally recommend this book to everyone who loves to read a good book that will make them laugh and cry. A book that makes you think.. and put your priorities straight.

You can purchase the book here: The Paper bag Christmas

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Slow down already..

Wow, these past weeks have been a whirlwind for me. It seems like there is something going on everyday..and evening. Sure, I love being surrounded by friends and family.. and I love to be right in the middle of things but sometimes.. Don't you just want to sit back and relax? That is where I am at right now..

Most have you have asked, Have I seen Twilight? Um, yeah. I am almost embarrassed to admit how many times I have seen it. I have went with everyone who has asked me. I will just leave it at that! I loved it and I was not disappointed at all. I think Rob Pattinson is just about the yummiest thing ever! I really can't wait until New Moon comes out.

Over the break I also saw BOLT 3D, Four Christmas's, and Australia. I loved Bolt. It is way cute. Four Christmas's eh, not so much. It was vulgar and Dwight Yokam freaked me out a bit. I loved Australia. Bring your tissues. I think I cried 9 times during the movie. I think it is one of the best movies that I have seen all year...

Black Friday
My family and I got up at 2:45 early Friday Morning and braved the sales. I bought myself a new computer. A cheapie. But I love it! I was also able to get a lot of my Christmas shopping done.. I was excited about that..After shopping a group of us went to McDonald's for some Egg McMuffins and then I headed home for a nap! I shopped til I dropped, ate breakfast, showered, and was back in bed before 8 am.

A New Find

I love the new fragrances by Gwen Steffani. Her Harajuku Lovers line. The cute little bottles are what drew me to them but the smell is what makes me want them.. Lil' Angel and Music are my favorite. I don't like the Baby one. Have any of you guys smelled them?

I had a little spot that came up on my nose a few weeks ago.. Today I went to the dermatologist to get it checked out. I got two shots in my nose. Yes, that is as painful as it sounds.. Then they sliced off the spot with a razor and burned it. Let me tell you, the smell of your own flesh burning is NASTY!

I have only been to the dermatologist one time. I think I was 17. I had 4 zits and I made my mom take me because I didn't want to have a crater face. Yeah, I was a bit of a drama queen. Um, I left his office with a bottle of sea breeze. No, joke. He said, People would kill for skin like yours.. it is funny now.. I was devastated in high school. Why in the world did I have 4 zits at one time and why oh why, was my Dr. laughing at me. Ugh.

Well today when I walked into the dermatologist office I was the only one in there not over 70. The place was packed out. I was seriously looking for a Bingo caller... I was enjoying the conversations of the cute older people! It was actually nice to sit back and listen to them describe their daily activities..

I said, all of that to say.. wear sun screen everyday my friends. Everyone of these sweet elderly people were getting skin cancers removed from their faces.. I know at least 5 ladies told me to apply sunscreen daily. One even took out a tube and offered to put it on me.

Match maker

I have been playing match maker this week! It is so fun! It is fun to watch new relationships unfold. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it works out for the both of them..


Um, I went off my diet for 3 days. When I weighed in on Monday, I thought I actually heard the scales begging me to get No, really. It was fun to splurge for a few days but I am back on track! But I did give the scales a swift kick when I stepped off of them.. it made me feel better..

Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Coffee

I have confessed my love for SF Vanilla Iced Coffee from McDonald's before.. I have also confessed how many I have consumed in one week before.. for any of you who share my obsession... I seriously wouldn't recommending looking up the nutrition information. You honestly don't want to know..

All the other coffee drinks from McDonald's are NASTY! Ugh.

Joey and Rory
I love Country Music. I love all styles of it. Bluegrass. Traditional. Contemporary. The newest duo I love are Joey and Rory! I love love love the song to say goodbye. Her voice is beautiful but the words of this song really haunt me. It is oh, so true.

To Say Goodbye
He said I’ll call you Hon when I get there,Ten minutes later he was in the air,She dropped the kids at school and headed home,Walked in and turned the front room TV on She could tell that there was something wrong,Every channel had the same thing on,Now seven years have come and gone away,But she’s still hurting like its yesterday,

‘Cuz she wants to put her arms around his neck,and look in his eyes so blue,and say Honey I don’t regret,A single day I spent with you,She wants to tell him that she loves him so,and will until the day she dies,It ain’t that she can’t let him go,She just wants to say goodbye

He sits beside her in the nursing home,Through her silver hair he runs a comb,He hangs their wedding picture on the wall,She don’t remember who he is at all,He tells her stories about the life they’ve lived,From their first kiss to their last grand kids,For seven months now she just sits and stares,But if she wakes up he’s gonna be right there,

‘Cuz he wants to put his arms around her neck,and look in her eyes so blue,and say Honey I won’t forget,a single day I spent with you,He wants to tell her that he loves her so,and will until the day he dies,it ain’t that he can’t let her go,He just wants to say goodbye no it ain’t that we can’t let them go,We just want to say goodbye

(um, I copied and pasted these.. and I am not taking the time to go back and edit. I love you friends but I am playing the lazy card...)

Check out their myspace.. maybe you can hear it there...

Wow, I have rambled on way to long.. I have some awards to write about, tags to respond to, and a book review! But I just can't do it tonight.. but I will .. I will...

Happy Wednesday Dear friends..

Monday, December 1, 2008

I am alive.

Wow, It has been six days since I have posted and this is just a fake post.. to let you know that I am alive and well. I missed all of you over the Holiday! Things are crazy here in my little part of the world.. I should have a decent post tomorrow! Take care until then lovies..