Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oklahoma Weather

My day started off at 6:30 am as I groggily pushed snooze for the next 30 min. Then I stumbled into the bathroom for the third time since I went to bed the following night at 11:47 pm. I showered, brushed my teeth, blew my hair dry and then called time and temperature. The lady who does the commercial segments has a voice that can drive a person mad. But sticking to my morning routine I always call no matter how annoying the unknown voice can be. After listening to how buying a house can make all my dreams come true, the familiar and rather pleasant sounding weather man takes over the phone call. He cheerfully tells the date, the time, and the weather. This morning I was surprised to hear it was 62 degrees at 7:37 am. Wow, 62 is such great weather and the predicted high was 69. Then he chirped in with fair but cooler tonight with a low near 32. I looked at my ironed clothes hanging in the door frame. When I decided, I will wear capri pants. It is so lovely out and why not take advantage of the warmer days. So then and there I decided that the long pants would be used for another day. I happily finished my morning routines and headed to work. Although we experience thunder storms the night before all was calm and quite this morning. It was if I were smack dab in the middle of April. I cracked the windows a bit on my drive to work and let the nice breeze air out my car. It was odd seeing all the dead trees around. I felt as if I should be seeing green grass sprouting and flowers blooming but instead I saw dead grass and naked trees. The lake was calm. No movement this morning. Due to the lingering clouds the sun was nowhere to be seen. So I missed the reflection of its rays dancing upon the water. It is usually my favorite part of the drive but its absence did not bring me down. I was to excited about it being warm to be bummed about it.

Upon arriving at work we quickly dove into our daily rituals. We sang about the date, the days, and the weather. We busted a move to If your Happy and You Know It and we continued our study on the letter “F” and the sound it makes. The day was moving right along and before we knew it, it was time for lunch. At my school, the pre-k building is separated from K-12th. We have to cross the street and make our way to the cafeteria at the opposite corner of our block. It is not a far walk at all but it can be a fairly daunting task with twenty-seven 4 and 5 year olds.

We were all lined up and ready to go when I opened the door and we were blasted with the cold wind. My jacket less kids shrieked as the cold air blew their hair and clothing in all directions. Like me, we had all been tricked this morning. Who knew the high of 69 would be reached before 11:00 am? As I was walking across the street I thought to myself. Why didn't I wear my long pants? Goosebumps quickly took up permanent residence on my legs.

When the school day had ended I wrapped up in my jacket and rushed to my car. I smiled as I moved the bulky knob to red from blue. Isn't it just like Oklahoma weather, using the air conditioner one day and the heater the next.

As, I rushed into my warm home. I slammed the door quickly to trap the warm air within. The wind from the door caused my long pants hanging in the door frame to gently sway back and forth. They were taunting me. And I swear if pants could talk they would be saying nana nana boo boo. Ah, Oklahoma weather don't you love it?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Hello Folks - I am Becky. A 32 year old single gal from a small (not to be confused with tiny, we do have a 24 hour wal-mart and a starbucks) town in Oklahoma. I spend my days waist deep in 4 and 5 year olds. I teach Pre-K at a rural school smack dab on Eufaula Lake.

I am a part of a huge close knit family. Most of the time this is good.. Except when one of them has done something stupid and everyone is asking you all the details. And well if you get ahold of a certain few of em'.... You might get more information then you were looking for in the first place. Since there are a lot of us, it seems at time we do more than our share of stupid ....

My closest friends are the ones that I have grown up with. Went to school and church with every since elementary school. We know everything about one another. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Having a pack of good girlfriends is so very important. Especially when your single. They keep you from doing stupid. Well for doing stupid more than once.

I love frilly girly things. New purses (which I don't carry) and new shoes. I like painted finger nails and toes. But I also like being crazy and laughing the loudest. I like going to the movies. Nice dinners with good conversations. I like shopping and road trips.

I am no stranger to blogging but I would like to become a more faithful blogger. So this is my first attmept at faithful blogging. We'll see how long this last. I hope I am back tomorrow.

Smile! Becky