Monday, January 7, 2008

Hello Folks - I am Becky. A 32 year old single gal from a small (not to be confused with tiny, we do have a 24 hour wal-mart and a starbucks) town in Oklahoma. I spend my days waist deep in 4 and 5 year olds. I teach Pre-K at a rural school smack dab on Eufaula Lake.

I am a part of a huge close knit family. Most of the time this is good.. Except when one of them has done something stupid and everyone is asking you all the details. And well if you get ahold of a certain few of em'.... You might get more information then you were looking for in the first place. Since there are a lot of us, it seems at time we do more than our share of stupid ....

My closest friends are the ones that I have grown up with. Went to school and church with every since elementary school. We know everything about one another. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Having a pack of good girlfriends is so very important. Especially when your single. They keep you from doing stupid. Well for doing stupid more than once.

I love frilly girly things. New purses (which I don't carry) and new shoes. I like painted finger nails and toes. But I also like being crazy and laughing the loudest. I like going to the movies. Nice dinners with good conversations. I like shopping and road trips.

I am no stranger to blogging but I would like to become a more faithful blogger. So this is my first attmept at faithful blogging. We'll see how long this last. I hope I am back tomorrow.

Smile! Becky

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littlebyRD said...

GREAT introduction! It definitely made me smile - keep it up!