Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why don't you reconnect with...

Facebook! I probably visit that site, online and on my phone more times then I would like to admit-but the other day something caught my eye. As I was looking @ the status updates-a picture on the right side of my screen popped up and the words read..

Why don't you reconnect with...
I don't know why it bothered me, but it really did. You see the person it said that I should reconnect with died this past November. She was a lady that I had known the majority of my life. Hmm, how should I explain her. I think everyone has this type of person in their life.. but I don't want my description of her to come across as rude or ill mannered.. but she was..

Matter of Fact, Bossy, Take Charge, Said what was on her mind, Not tactful, Always right, Take Notes, make list, joiner of everything.. but she was also the one people called on when they needed something. She was the one who would show up when no one else would. So while, she could quickly get on your nerves you loved her because you knew she meant well...because on top of being all those other things she was kind to those who needed it, she reached out to those no one else would, and she was a figther. She fought for what she believed in and fought for her life.. while in the end she lost the battle here on earth.. I know she won the ultimate battle, an eternity in heaven.

Well, I bet some of you are wondering. Did I click on the link to reconnect with her? I did- and you wouldn't believe what I found there... It was comment after comment of how much people missed her, and how much she meant in their lives.. the comments went on and on.. and as I read everyone of them- I thought, Did these people tell her these things while she was alive here on this earth? Because, while the comments are beautiful and kind.. and even heartwarming she never got to hear them. I have always heard people say- let people know how much you love them because you never know..when your time may come..but having facebook write it out for me-just made it all seem more real- and reading all of those comments just validated the fact that yes, I do need to reconnect with a lot of people and I need to let these people know how much they have impacted my life. I need to love a little harder, a little longer, and a little louder each and everyday!


Wow- My last few post have been kinda DEEP and well.. most the time.. I am so not even like that : ) so just to lighten the mood before you click on over to another page... Did any of you happen to see my husband (on Grey's Anatomy) last night ? Hubba Hubba : )


Anonymous said...

I didn't get to see Grey's last night, it's DVR'd though - so glad you didn't spoil it! LOL

It's so hard to let people know (sometimes) what they mean to you - I try, but I think it's not enough sometimes.

Quiche Me, I'm Yours! said...

I love how you put it.... Love more, Love harder, Love louder.... I want to put it into my New Year's Resolution. Thanks!!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

I do hope people did say those things while she was here... even if she had that kind of personality that made it maybe hard to tell her...

And hubba hubba.. yes! I did see him - especially in Private Practice when he stripped down... yaaahhhzaaaaa!!!!

Audra said...

Very good thoughts to live by, my dear!

Thanks for visiting my corner of the blogosphere today! It's great to "meet" you, and I'll be following!

Audra =)

petrii said...

I have someone in my life just like that. But I love her so. Life would be very different without her. Thanks for making me think a little deeper about her. In fact, she'll be here after while. Doing what she can to help me, loving me all the while.

I don't watch Grey's ~~ gasp!!! Do you still like me =)

Have a Blessed weekend,

Nic said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!
And yes I think we should tell people often how much we care about them but I think we are so busy and time just slips away. Something I need to work on =)

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Wow. Very deep, but I needed to hear this-
(and your hubby is a cutie!)

Marissa said...

I have been out of town so I am super excited to catch up on shows!

Sherrie said...

Yes we need to tell those how much we appreciate them when they are around to hear it.

I should do a whole post on my thoughts on Facebook. Maybe this week. lol Have a good week.

Shell in your Pocket said...

What a touching post..chills came up my arm as I read about all the people leaving comments~

sandy toe

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