Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blog Awards & Bloggy Love

I was awarded three bloggy awards today. I am so very excited. It is fun to know that people actually enjoy my mindless rambling..

I have had a blog for as long as I can remember. It started many years ago with an old school expage. Then on to xanga. Then to myspace. And now here I am... I really enjoy browsing through blogs and reading about every ones daily lives. It is so funny how connected you feel to people who you don't even know.. I am at a weird point in my life. Not, that I feel weird about it's just..Hmm, let me explain.

I am 32, that will change October 10th (shameless birthday plug lol). I am not married and I don't have children. It's not that I don't want all those things. It just hasn't happened for me yet and I am fine with that. I think I am bothered by it less than the people around me (my mom). I have 2 close friends that aren't married but other than that they are all married with kids. At my church, all the groups are split up in married with kids and singles. I go to the married with kids group because when my bff and I looked at the sign up sheet for the singles group we chickened out. 17 guys but no women were signed up. Although, I have never really had a problem with self confidence.. I just couldn't write my name down and join 17 men at a small group. Talk about uncomfortable.. I know I know.. The one could be in that group.. but I just couldn't do

Oh, my. I have said all of that to just say this.. I feel so welcome here. I have only written 20 something post at blogger and I feel like I have already made tons of blogging buddies.

*sing songy* I think I am gonna like it here... here amongst the newlyweds, the mothers, the crafters, the ladies who write for all the world to see. I think I fit in just perfect. I like that we all come from different walks of life but we find that we all have a common interest in writing about our daily lives.. either that or we are all just nosy skipping from one blog to another to see what is going on in the lives of strangers.

Okay, Okay. On to the awards. The One Sweet Blog was presented to me by: Solei She is a real sweet heart. She just recently got a new blog makeover. She is also an outstanding citizen in her community. Take a look at what her and her girl scout troop did. It is impressive. Thank you so much for thinking of me when passing out this award. I really appreciate it.

I would like to present the award to the following ladies:

Sondre Lyn: Sondre, whose name is pronounced SUN-druh is a faithful friend to my blog. She is very sweet and always has such sweet comments. She post frequently about her son who is away at college. She is very family oriented and it shows in her post.

Angie @ Seven Clown Circus: She has a fun Wordful Wednesday post that I like to take part in. She is also very sweet. I see her comments almost every time I post a comment on someones page.

Sweet Simplicity: She has a beautiful layout and a very welcoming blog. Her blog has a little bit of everything.. From laughing at her estimation skills to enjoying her fun recipes.. You will love this blog. Check it out.

Imerie @ The Green Grass Grows all around: She has recently (today) given me an award and I love that I can surprise her right back. Check out her blog and see her great love for her family. She to is a real sweet heart and really deserves this sweet award.

Imerie presented me with this award and I would like to present it to the following ladies:

Liz @ Mabels House: I just her blog. She has a great decorating sense and funny stories about her trusty sidekick Mabel. Check it out. You will love her blog.

All My Kids 123 A great commenter ; ) Fun frequent post. I actually just starting visiting this blog but I love it already and I know you will too.. Go on, see for yourself.

Misspro312 @ City Girl Country Boy has a really fun blog. You should check it out. I am giving her this award because she is fun and I like that I can surprise her with an award too.. and just maybe she will forgive me for having a little camera envy..she just recently got a new one that I have had my eye

Last but not least, my final award was presented to me by Misspro 312
This little guy came with rules and they are:
1. You may only choose five people/blogs to give the award to.

2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog.

3. One has to be a new follower of your blog or live in another part of the world

Rachel @ Livin and Lovin: Fun Girl. Fun Blog. Check it out.

Newlywed Central: Post Blogs that make you think! Seriously, you should head straight over there..

Angie @ We are the Storlies: Blogs about daily life with her family. A funny girl with good post.. You know you wanna check it out..

Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand: A good blog, with good reads. It's okay- You can leave here to go there..

Georgie @ Decisionally Challenged: She is the most recent follower to my blog. So I decided to pass the award on to her. She is a fellow Oklahoman and is in education like me. I am sure we have tons in common.

Wow! How fun was that? I am loving these bloggy awards. Thanks to everyone who thought to give me one. I truly appreciate them and your faithfulness to my blog.


angie said...

WOW. Thank you so much. 3 awards in one day? That's pretty darn impressive! I can't wait to pass this one along. I haven't seen it yet!

I too love that woman of all walks of life can come together and share their experiences through blogging!

Miss Anne said...

Congrats on the super sweet awards! :)

Rhonda said...

Hey LOVE the hidey post! lol Oh, the imaginations of the young! lol

lmerie said...

Oh wow! You are busy! Thank you thank you for the award. I will need to figure out how to do the side award thingy now :)

YOU have a GREAT day!

Rebecca Jo said...

Look at you getting all the awards at one time - you deserve it! You have such a fun blog, full of fun & full of yourself - which makes it wonderful!!!!

And thanks for the award passed on to me!!! I truly appreciate it! Its got to be a name thing - we have to be fabulous! hehe!!!

Anonymous said...

You go girl - congrats on all those awards!!!

georgie said...

Holy smokes what a GREAT post especially since I was in it hehehe ;-)

Thank you for the award-

SondreLyn said...

Congrats on the awards! Well deserved!

Thanks for passing one on to my blog. What sweet comments!

Loved the story, BTW. Really funny!

Emily said...

WOAH what a blog post! You put me to shame girl, I've never had the patience to go through all that bloggy award and tagging stuff phew- but I did notice Mabel's House - love Liz- isn't she great?
That's so sweet that your neighbor timed getting her mail to make sure you got in safe ... awwah!

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh, that was too funny!! Laughing at the dog hair pulling & pinching!!!

Congrats on your awards... I love reading all of your fun stories!!

Angie said...

Wow, thanks for the bloggy love!

Lindsey said...

Congrats on the awards! You def deserve them!!

NewlywedCentral said...

You ROCK AND ROLL!! Thank you! Seriously... you must be really awesome to get 3 awards in one day :)

Michelle said... really are popular? :) They are well deserved, your blog and writing style really rock!

Megan said...

Three Awards!!! You go girl!!!
I don't know how you keep up with all those blogs! You do a good job of it though!
And I used to do xanga. I loved it! Everybody in college had it and it made it fun!

BloomingAlmond said...

Of course you got 3 awards in one day :)
You're such a fun girl, you know?
Always with a smile and in a good mood... :)

Oh gosh... LOL I can imagine those two strangers knocking at your door and you with the dog ... LOL ahh you're funny :)*

misspro312 said...

Thank you so much!!!

sassy stephanie said...


Smiling Shelly said...

Congrats on all the bloggy love (and bloggy bling too)

Honey Mommy said...

Congrats on the awards! The gold card one looks snazzy.

binks said...

Congratulations on your bloggy award.

Love that writing prompt idea. Funny story.

I didn't want to join the singles group at my church because they were all 20 somethings and I, was not only a 30 something, but a single mom to boot.

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope to see more of you.

Amy said...

Congratulations on all of those awards, Becky!

Woo Hoo!:)

God Bless,

Liz said...

Aw, thank you so much! You're such a sweetheart!

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